Punt e Po offers 10 services to
create with us a pop-up that suits your brand.

explore all of our services and according to your

needs and budget we will create a package with 4 or more services.

A pop-up is a temporary  space that will allow you to test your brand in the city of your choice taking over an existing location and making it yours for a short period of time in order to test, show and sell your product.  

  • Location scouting –  Punt e Po gives you the possibility to choose where your event will take place, it could be an unrented location, a highclass home, an already existing gallery, keeping in mind your target and your budget at all times.

  • Creative Concept – It all begins with the fundamental choice of a strong and empowering concept and we will develop the right and best one for you giving your brand a unique identity.

  • Permits, logistics and Sales – Punt e Po takes over the logistic situation and will contact, contract, manage and supervise the whole event and each aspect it comprises. Whether we are talking about renting the location or staff recruiting. You will be kept posted at each stage of the production. As far as sales that will happen during your pop-up, Punt e Po will be present to supervise, keep books and manage inventory. However Punt e Po is not a commercial activity so sales will be done directly from producer/designer to buyer.

  • Cohesive AperitiPo – The aperitipo is our trademark, we bring the Italian tradition of aperitivo with exquisite taste and pair it up with design for a cocktail event created ad-hoc for your brand in order to invite the right target to live a unique experience.

  • Branding and Graphic Design – Punt e Po will not only design all of the necessary graphic material for the event and the retail design but if you were to need it, we will develop together your own brand and image.

  • Exhibit & Retail design – Once we have settled on a location, Punt e Po will create and produce a unique exhibit design that will make the most of the location and make sure your products look their best.

  • Event organising – inside your pop-up we will organise events, if you request it, to grasp the attention of a wider audience. Punt e Po will take responsibility of all aspects from music to catering and anything an event might need.

  • Communication and PR – Punt e Po will portray in the most efficient way your brand and the image of your pop-up in such way to focus on the aspects you care most about transmitting. Together with professionals in the field, we will create your press release and invite the guest list that suits you best.

  • Media coverage and Guerrilla Marketing – Punt e Po will promote your pop-up during the time of the event and your brand in future occasions.We explore new ways to advertise your brand – guerrilla marketing is our forte.

  • Total focus on you – Last but not least! Punt e Po is uses a human centered design approach to create your perfect pop-up. We will establish a unique relationship with you and understand your business better in order to offer you the best experience tailored around you and your clientele.





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